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5 Tips to Avoid Common S Corporation Mistakes

The S Corporation has become one of the most popular entities for small business owners because it offers many of the protections of incorporation without being subject to some of taxes faced by other kinds of companies. But with all its benefits, we find a few mistakes that many business owners make. We collaborated with Chet Syversen, owner of Curated Accounting, to bring you 5 tips to avoid these common mistakes.

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4 New Tax Changes + Q2 Market & Economy in Review – Webinar Replay

A replay of our July 28, 2021 webinar discussing 4 new tax changes and what you can do to prepare, plus a review of Q2 market and economic headlines.

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How to Prepare for the Biden Income Tax Increases

The Biden administration has proposed a variety of tax changes. Revisions to income taxes are likely to affect many taxpayers. Here’s a summary of the most notable proposals and strategies to consider if they are passed into law.

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