Do you see yourself as a guide? Join the team!

How we see ourselves at Alterra

We work in the service of others. Our success depends on their success. And, the only way to achieve our mission is to listen more than we talk and remember how very personal our decisions are to each person we serve. They expect us to do our very best and work at getting better each and every day. We expect the same. Moreover, this requires a collaborative team – players with individual skill sets all following the same path. Then, when we work towards our collective mission not only will the individual thrive, the entire Alterra organization also succeeds. Did you think we were describing our approach to client service? Actually the same things also apply to our team members. Care to join our team?

What we look for in our team

Independent Thinking

We look for individuals that demonstrate independent thinking, but have the ability to thrive as a team player.

Client First Approach

A natural intuition to go above the norm to serve a client and create a wow experience.

Taking Ownership

100% of our outcomes are a result of our choices. Alterra team members take full responsibility of their role, and seek to become better every day.

Staying Positive

A positive attitude creates the best outcomes: our best work, good relationships, a wow client experience, and it’s more fun! 

“Alterra is a down-to-earth group of professionals who genuinely care about people. I’m free to be myself and valued for the unique perspective I contribute to the team. I have fun at work, that’s pretty special!”

—Amber Walsh, Director of First Impressions

““The Alterra culture and mission are why I’m here. We work hard and laugh hard. We collaborate creatively for our clients, always willing to help each other be our best. I’m excited for growth, personally and as a team!””

—Joseph Kuehn, Financial Advisor

Thinking of taking the next step?

Exploring your next career move is exciting, yet can also be daunting. Let’s start a conversation, in confidence, to explore your next career move and see if we’re a fit for you.

Current Position Openings

Financial Advisor Associate

We’re looking for a true ‘A’ player to join our team as a Financial Advisor Associate. This role is designed for the individual who thrives in serving people and is committed to developing a financial planning savvy alongside a team of experienced advisors.

Planning Associate

We’re looking for a true ‘A’ player to join our team as a Planning Associate. This entry role is designed for the individual who is looking for a great beginning to their financial advising career. 

Honored By Others

Recognition by the community that inspires us