Do you see yourself as a guide? Join the team!

How we see ourselves at Alterra

We work in the service of others. Our success depends on their success. And, the only way to achieve our mission is to listen more than we talk and remember how very personal our decisions are to each person we serve. They expect us to do our very best and work at getting better each and every day. We expect the same. Moreover, this requires a collaborative team – players with individual skill sets all following the same path. Then, when we work towards our collective mission not only will the individual thrive, the entire Alterra organization also succeeds. Did you think we were describing our approach to client service? Actually the same things also apply to our employees. Care to join our team?

Is Alterra Advisors a Fit for You?

We believe successful wealth management depends on collaboration. We help families and business owners find clarity in their financial lives through strategic planning – so they can focus on making a positive impact on their loved ones, employees and charities. We work in service to others. That requires independent thinking, but the ability to thrive as a team player. To achieve a client’s goals means always putting them first and taking ownership of our actions. That means staying positive through market moves and client concerns. Does that sound familiar? If so, we’re probably a good fit for you. Because, you’re not looking for a job, you want an impactful career opportunity.

Are We a Fit?

Exploring your next career move is exciting, yet can also be daunting. Let’s start a conversation, in confidence, to explore your next career move and see if we’re a fit for you.

Current Position Openings

Client Care Coordinator

We are looking for a true ‘A’ player to join our team as our Client Care Coordinator. This role is designed for the individual who thrives on serving people and loves creating an exceptional experience for clients.  Our team members are highly valued, supported in their development and career growth, and compensated more than competitively. And, above all, Alterra exudes our people-first values.