We View Wealth as a Tool to Make a Positive Impact

At Alterra, we see our mission as more than building wealth. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in the community we serve. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on our clients, our own team, and the community we serve. We help clients fulfill their own charitable and philanthropic goals, but we also give to causes that matter to us—individually and as a team.

Organizations we currently support are Olive Crest, Not Abandoned and Days for Girls.

Because Every Child Deserves Security

Olive Crest’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing foster, adoption, and counseling services to families in crisis.. The Director, Jeff Clare, has been a family friend of the Hamiltons since before Zach was born. Growing up, Zach’s next-door neighbors were foster parents to several children through Olive Crest placements, and he saw close-up the positive impact that they had on the lives of those kids.

Zach and his wife Katie wanted to give back in a similar way and got their foster license through Olive Crest in 2019. They introduced Olive Crest to Alterra, where we learned about their daily mission and how this big-hearted organization—many of whom are also foster parents—makes an impact. This has been an inspiration to Alterra Advisors to give and participate.

Putting A Stop to Human Trafficking

While traveling in developing countries, Grant and his wife Andrea met the Not Abandoned founder Jeff McKinley, an organization focused on empowering women to find freedom from exploitation and human trafficking. They became passionate about the organization’s unique approach to dealing with injustices around the world.

Not Abandoned builds “freedom centers” with communities around the world, bringing training and counseling services to provide non-exploitative work for women. Through local partnerships, they empower freedom for women with sensitivity to their cultural context, an insight is seldom seen in the nonprofit world. Not Abandoned applies perspectives on how to improve things within familiar belief systems and cultural practices. In this way, Not Abandoned is successful in fighting human trafficking and exploitation injustices around the world.

Not Abandoned’s programs are based on efficient grassroots efforts that apply a high percentage of dollars to work with little management cost. This sustainable approach to empowering people to move to a place of health, safety, and interdependence in their chosen communities is an inspiration in how wealth and selfless service can be used to change lives – a mission that Alterra Advisors wholeheartedly supports.

Providing Health Products and Education to Young Women in Need

Mallory got involved with Days for Girls more than 10 years ago after learning how a lack of feminine hygiene products and limited reproductive education can inhibit the ability of girls around the world to attend school and progress in society.

Mallory’s passion for this cause grew deeper after teaching a class in Kenya. There Mallory saw the direct impact that Days For Girls makes on individual lives. With their help, more girls and young women were able to attend school and go to work without shame. The impact was amazing as these young women become empowered to live more fully, simply because they now had access to products and education that many of us take for granted.

Days for Girls’ work is applied to developing countries and impoverished communities worldwide. It is the kind organization that Alterra supports as being critical to ensure continued progress by promoting human dignity and helping women thrive in every community.