Your Partners in Wealth Management

We help you unlock your wealth’s potential to create a life and legacy you love.

  • Trusted Advocacy
  • Innovative Expertise
  • Unparalleled Client Care

Our Mission

Through lifelong partnership, we empower our clients to use their wealth to enjoy life, provide for loved ones, and impact causes they care about—today and for generations to come.

Our Core Values


We provide an unparalleled client experience because we care.

At Alterra, care means taking the time to truly listen to you. It means responding quickly and reliably to your questions so that you feel confident and empowered in your plan. It means working behind the scenes to make sure things stay on track. And it means showing up. Every time.


We are proud to deliver knowledge, clarity, and confidence.

At Alterra, our top priority is helping you confidently get where you want to go. As your partners and trusted advocates, we focus all of our experience and expertise so you have the information, perspective, and clarity you need to make effective decisions and feel secure in your plan.


We do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

At Alterra, we proudly lead with our values. That’s just who we are. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, communicate proactively at every step, and confidently collaborate to serve your best interests.


We cultivate a culture of team excellence.

At Alterra, we are constantly seeking ways to grow and listening for new insights. Why? Because the quality of our work and our ability to best serve your needs is at the forefront of everything we do.

We’re here to help you move forward with confidence so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying your life.

The Alterra Advisors Story

Alterra Advisors is the realization of our dream to build a premier wealth management firm rooted in the Pacific Northwest. The name “Alterra” was coined by joining the Latin roots “alter” — the origin of the word “altruism” — with “terra,” meaning earth or land. This name reflects our philosophy of offering firmly grounded advice and putting our clients’ goals and well-being first in everything we do.

Our roots go back to 2006, and we have only grown in our steadfast commitment to our mission and values. The entire Alterra Advisors team is motivated by a shared goal: to help our clients unlock their wealth’s potential and enjoy life on their own terms. To that end, we create comprehensive, fully integrated financial action plans that nurture each individual, charity, family, business, and legacy we serve.

Our clients’ success is our success.