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Are We a Fit? The Alterra Fit Interview

A first meeting – or “first date” – with a professional like a financial advisor can be uncomfortable. Believe it or not, it can feel just as uncomfortable for the professional. But it doesn’t have to be! Our Alterra Fit Interview creates an open, comfortable, productive first discussion and enables us to discover together if we’re a good fit and your best next steps – whether with or without us!

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What Is a CFP® and Why Should You Care?

With titles like financial advisor, financial planner, wealth advisor, strategic wealth partner, just to name a few, the financial planning industry can be confusing for clients. And, on top of these, there’s an entire alphabet soup of designations advisors can earn. But what do they mean? Unfortunately, these titles don’t help you understand what an… Read More »

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6 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Retirement planning, saving for your child’s education, finding the best way to own your dream home, leaving a legacy…these things all require planning. But knowing that you need plan for these things and finding someone you can trust to guide you down this path are two different things. People change advisors for many reasons but… Read More »

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