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Correction, Bear Market, Recession…What Do They All Mean?

When the market is up, terms like bull market and economic expansion pass by without concern. But when the market turns down, terms like correction, bear market and recession add confusion to uncertainty and increase anxiety. But, what do these terms actually mean?

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Should you really stay the course?

Whether you’re retired and living on portfolio income or just starting your investment journey, big market swings are always unsettling. So why do you always hear that you should “stay the course” or “ride it out” when it comes to the stock market, volatility and long-term investing? To some, it probably sounds like a standard… Read More »

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The ABCs of RSUs, ESPPs, ISOs – Get to Know Your Stock Incentive Programs

In our tech-heavy Pacific Northwest, many companies grant stock or stock options as part of an overall compensation package. These equity incentive programs can seem like a windfall but, as with any source of income, they must be carefully managed so they don’t disrupt your financial plan or create a major tax headache.

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