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Can Losses Increase My Investment Return?

No one likes a seeing their investments lose value. But, as advisors, we ask what opportunities exist in any situation, including market downturns. One such opportunity is called tax-loss harvesting. We discuss what it is, how it can help and when you might consider using it.

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How Much Should You Keep In Emergency Reserve?

Job loss, unexpected trip to the hospital, a tree falls on the house – events like these can send the unprepared into a financial tailspin. An emergency reserve is your mini financial self-insurance policy, so we all know we should have one. But, getting around to funding that reserve tends to sit on the to-do list… Read More »

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The ABCs of RSUs, ESPPs, ISOs – Get to Know Your Stock Incentive Programs

In our tech-heavy Pacific Northwest, many companies grant stock or stock options as part of an overall compensation package. These equity incentive programs can seem like a windfall but, as with any source of income, they must be carefully managed so they don’t disrupt your financial plan or create a major tax headache.

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