The Alterra Promise Explained

Here at Alterra Advisors our core values are: Wow experience, Trusted advocate, Innovative expertise. And we are fanatical about delivering on them.

We KNOW… the Alterra Advisors planning and advising process can produce life and business transforming results. It can radically alter your future and the wealth of your family forever.

BUT… we also know you don’t know this yet. And you won’t until you experience the process yourself.

THAT IS WHY… we are providing you this audacious promise. In our planning work together, we’ll uncover strategies to build wealth, minimize taxes, and multiply your impact on the people and causes you care about.  This process will demonstrate value that will far surpass your plan design fee.  We are assuming all your risk in your plan design, so you have zero.

Now, let us be clear. A successful planning experience is a two way street. Here is how to make the most of your plan design process:

Show Up

Be ready to attend all the planning meetings and be engaged.

Be Prepared

Provide requested info in a timely manner.

Be Open

Answer questions honestly and provide feedback throughout the process.

Be Responsive

Engage and return communications promptly.

It’s as simple as this: Show Up, Be Prepared, Be Open, and Be Responsive, and we’re confident your Plan Design will be a success.