Creating the Legacy They Wanted

Mike and Kari were funding college savings for their grandkids with 529 plans that they already had in place. These were on pace to reach about 30% of their target goal, so we repositioned funds to bring them up to about 75% of goal over the next few years. The remainder will be funded via the legacy trust we implemented and via direct gifting. This would not only achieve their educational legacy goal, but ultimately will improve their tax situation over the long term.

Saving for a New House

By directing the income they generated from the CRUT to a Wealth Replacement Trust over the next 20 years, the Waltons will be able ultimately generate around $1 million in income that will be gifted to the charity of their choice – the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Better still, thanks to tax savings, this is revenue they would never have seen otherwise. Now, Mike and Kari will be able to fund this charity account without reducing the legacy they leave behind for their children and grandchildren.