Insurance Planning in Detail

Identifying Insurance Needs

Because Lisa and David both wanted to be sure the current family lifestyle could be maintained if something unexpected happen to either of them, we helped them evaluate their needs for life and disability insurance, as well as helped compare options for them.

The Millers were able to spell out exactly which debts they would want covered, how much monthly income they would want replaced and a few other provisions that were important to them. We turned those goals into recommended coverage levels for life and disability insurance.

Making it Easier

We helped Lisa and David evaluate options through a variety of insurance companies. Once we selected the best fit, we managed the insurance acquisition process from start to finish. We were able to find companies that provided their desired coverage while also being able to work with a few specific health challenges in David’s background.

Then, by reviewing the Miller’s needs and options going forward, we will revise or add more coverage as needed to meet changing circumstances.