We have worked with several members of the Alterra team and have found them to be knowledgeable about what they do, as well as being fairly extraordinary humans!

When we first worked with Zach Hamilton, he gave advice to three generations of my family, and clearly tailored our plans to our diverse stages in life. For my elderly mother, part of his plan included financial decisions that “brought her joy,” which I hadn’t even realized could be an important part of financial planning!

I have been so grateful for the guidance we have received from Alterra and fully trust this team to make beneficial decisions on our behalf.


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Grant, Mallory, Ryan, Nikki, Amber and the rest of the Alterra Advisors team are the consummate professionals whom all possess a high level of integrity, wisdom, and competency.

Beyond the trust we have for Alterra with our financial and estate needs, we truly feel like family with our advisors. On our recent annual update, we were warmly greeted with respect and enthusiasm. And the cookies were so good!

Seriously, we are 100% comfortable and beyond satisfied with the advice we received over the last 12 years. Because of their guidance, we were able to retire early, and we exceeded our targets for retirement and beyond.

The Alterra team always make themselves available and always return calls within a day or sooner. We appreciate them all very much!


A friend referred us to Grant Monson 10 years ago to help us make a plan to support our son with special needs. Since then, Alterra has become an essential part of our family’s extended support system. Grant and his team have taken time to get to know us, and we can count on them to help us make financial decisions that are right for our family. Alterra has given us peace of mind knowing we will be able to live comfortably in retirement and support the needs of our children when we are gone.


My husband and I have worked with Grant Monson and his associates for more than 11 years. We started with the Monson Group and have happily stayed with Grant as his group grew into Alterra Advisors. Every person, without exception, has been responsive to our needs, diligent in communication, and responsible stewards of our finances. We have utmost trust in their recommendations and fully intend to remain their clients. We recommend Alterra Advisors most highly and without reservation.


We have been with Grant Monson since he graduated with Washington State University. Grant has provided valuable insight into helping us with our life goals from sending children to college, saving and growing our investments during our careers and now as we head towards retirement, Grant has helped us provide for long-term care, tax planning, and investment options for the future. Grant and his team are very responsive to questions and Brian and I highly recommend Alterra Advisors.


Can’t say enough about Alterra! Wow! I’ve known Josh for over 20 years. He is the most intelligent, detail oriented person I know. His integrity is beyond reproach!

I have been investing with Josh from the beginning of his career, through all the ups and downs of the stock market, I’ve slept well knowing my investments were well positioned to withstand the market volatility. I have a well thought out plan which is reviewed every 6 months. Josh always checks in and is always available to answer questions as they arise.
Every person at Altera Advisors has the same values of integrity in dealing with my concerns. I have always been treated with respect as a client. Someone always communicates with me if Josh is not available.

Why would you go anywhere else to invest? The experienced team of advisors at Altera Advisors is incredible! I have recommended them to several friends who have had the same awesome experience.
From the first point of contact at Altera, I feel valued as a client.
If you are looking to change your investment advisor, don’t wait, RUN, to Altera Advisors! You won’t be disappointed!!

Thanks so much!


The best decision I have ever made financially was to contact Grant Monson. In the approximately 11 years I have been a client, I have felt I was in the hands of the most caring and trustworthy group of people, who treat me more as a friend than just someone whose finances they manage. They are available always to answer my questions, reassure me, and give me peace of mind. Grant and his co-workers are very professional, and very knowledgeable, and I am so thankful to be associated with Alterra Advisors.


I have been working with Josh Whelan for almost 10 years now. I had the spectacular luck of meeting him in a business professionals group at the very beginning of my medical career. I entered the business world with very little financial education — he taught me the nuts and bolts of saving and investing and has helped me scale these practices as my business has grown 6 fold. Without Josh and Alterra I probably would have only a very rudimentary strategy for saving, versus the very personalized, effective, thoughtful, and intentional plan I now have for myself, my business, and my future. I credit a huge degree of my confidence in my financial future and my lack of financial worry and stress — even in uncertain times — to the work we have done together and the way Josh provides real time information on best practices and how to think about money. I am SO deeply grateful for this and cannot recommend Josh and Alterra highly enough if you’re looking to create a financial future that feels stable, intentional, and also has an eye on how you can leverage your investments to serve your family, community, and causes dearest to you. Thank you, Josh, you’re freaking incredible!


I have been working with Josh Whelan for over 15 years. He and his team have always helped me and my husband make good financial decisions. My questions and concerns are answered the day I call or email and they always help navigate any issue to the end.
First rate service!


I have worked with Grant Monson for over a decade now. He is professional, respectful, and very knowledgeable. He provides good insight and guidance around investment and tax strategies. I believe Grant, and his team at Alterra, have a high of level integrity and they care deeply about their clients. If there is a mistake made, they own it, and correct it. They follow up and follow through on what they commit to completing.


Grant Monson and his team at Alterra Advisors are experts at assisting individuals and family with complicated financial matter so it is easy for one to understand. He goes above and beyond for his customers. It is my pleasure to know Grant Monson, and I highly recommend him and his team for financial advice and planning needs.


Very professional. They are definitely looking out for their customer’s best interests. Highly recommend.


We’ve been with Altera Advisors for several years now. Grant, Mallory, and the team have been instrumental in helping us reach our financial goals with expert advice, transparency, and a personalized approach. Their dedication is unmatched, and we feel confident in their guidance. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a trusted financial partner.


Alterra has been guiding us through a new and complex financial chapter in our lives. Grant and his team are always available outside of the scheduled visits. I feel as though they are very much on-call and I’m grateful for the needed guidance. I deeply believe they put our needs ahead of their fees. That’s a rare find in the financial services sector. I’m happy to refer them again and again!


I decided to hire Alterra after a very unresponsive experience with a former financial advisor. Josh’s style of asking great questions and co creating the plan with you really worked for me. I can call Josh anytime with follow up questions and also get a timely semi-annual and annual review of my investments to make sure I’m on track. Josh and his team are extremely friendly and accessible and offer great easy to consume advice. Highly recommend Alterra.


Grant Monson and his team at Alterra Advisors are very, very good at what they do. They have expertly helped us with our personal and business scenarios. They have come up with awesome strategies and programs to get us to the next level and we could not imagine a smarter, savvier team around. Highly recommended.


Alterra Advisors are absolutely the best. I have been with this group for several years and would not be where I am today without their guidance and help. They are honest, upfront, professional, hardly enough words to explain this group. Meet them – it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.


I have been working with Alterra Advisors for the past 10 years. I can’t say enough good things about them. They take time to understand your short and long term goals, map out your current financial health, and provide a holistic approach to ensure you’re on track to meet your goals. Not only have they provided incredible guidance for me personally, but I referred my parents and my sister so they can support an even more holistic approach to multi-generational estate planning. There is no way we could have come up with a multi-generational plan without their support. Set up an appointment with them. You won’t be disappointed.


To me, the most important item on my list, when I was searching for a financial advisor, was “trust.” Think about this… you are going to turn over your life’s savings to a person/company. Can you trust them? Well, when it comes to Alterra Advisors, the answer is “yes, you can trust them!”

I have been so pleased with the professionalism, friendly staff and knowledge that Alterra provides. They are excellent at communicating throughout the year with me, I always feel that they are working hard to protect and invest my money wisely.

If you are searching for a trustworthy group of people to steward your hard earned money, then Alterra is the perfect fit.


We have been with Alterra for quite some time now. We are confident in the advice we get from Josh and the team. We appreciate the individualized focus and the ability to talk to them whenever we have a question. We would never go anywhere else.


Grant Monson and the team at Alterra have been managing our retirement accounts for over ten years and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and service. Highly recommend.


Grant Monson and his team are thorough and very knowledgeable. I appreciate the time and care they take to answer all my questions, they are readily available and consistently act in their client’s best interest.


Zach Hamilton has been great to work with.


Josh Whelan and his team have been constant and consistent in providing us with trusted guidance and support as we drive the Fastlane towards financial freedom. We often have questions or ask for suggestions and they respond promptly, always. Even when we’re not sure about a moment in the investment cycle, we’ve always been encouraged to pause until we feel great about a decision or direction. Growing this professional relationship has actually heightened our desire and involvement to become better students in the real-life classroom of retirement planning!

Christopher and Sarah T


Alterra was highly recommended to me and I haven’t regretted to go with them. Excellent service, always available, great advice and outcomes. Real people, not a large corporation experience.


We’ve worked with Alterra for what is coming up on a decade now and have always appreciated their diligence, thoughtfulness, and calm in the face of the rollercoaster of life – whether that looks like the externalities of the market or the craziness of family life. Highly recommend.