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Seth Jones

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Seth was raised on a large, rural poultry farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where he was instilled with an incredible work ethic and learned the importance of serving others from an early age. On the farm, Seth was surrounded by educators as nearly every female member of his family served the community as schoolteachers. This familial ensemble of pro-literacy women helped shape Seth’s view of the world in an inspirational way, especially highlighting the indisputable power that education has as a key for solving nearly all the world’s challenges.

The women in Seth’s early years imparted the words of Nelson Mandela often, specifically his message that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” He hid those words in his heart and decided to pursue a degree in education.

As Seth was graduating from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, things back on the farm had become turbulent with the death of the family matriarch, his great grandmother. Mourning her death had hardly begun before the entire extended family had spiraled downward into messy, unnecessary conflict. Seth realized that this tumultuous divergence could have been avoided with clear communication, lots of listening, and a dash of financial literacy.

Though incredibly unfortunate and sad, this event was the catalyst for Seth to focus his educational skillset and natural talent for teaching in a more specific direction- toward financial literacy. Seth left the classroom after several years of teaching school and now uses best practices learned in the classroom, coupled with his affable nature to serve those around him. He finds joy in helping his clients navigate the complex, and oftentimes confusing world of finance through the gentle lens of a caring, compassionate teacher. His desire is to be a beneficial presence in his community, daily reminding himself that life is a gift and love is the point.

When Seth isn’t at work, he loves being on the water—whatever form that may take. Whether boating, paddle boarding, swimming, or even a relaxing float down the Wenatchee River, Seth finds peace around the water. A former church pianist and choral music nerd, if he isn’t out on the water Seth is analyzing, listening to, or making music with his friends, finding the harmony in life wherever he can.

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