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Serah Na

  • Client Care Coordinator


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The diversity of Serah’s cultural background was an ideal preparation for a career in client service, assisting people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Serah’s parents immigrated from Korea to the small island of Guam where Serah was raised. Her early lessons in a customer-first approach were learned watching her parents run their family’s community grocery store. They always stressed the importance of service and how it builds a community.

“My personal purpose is to have a positive impact on the community around me.”

Serah developed a love of art and culture and how they further our sense of community. She earned her degree in Art History with a minor in Education from the University of Washington and worked in the retail industry, which renewed her passion for serving others. She concluded that she wanted to have an impact in individual lives. Her motivation was “the opportunity to bring people a moment of joy in their day.” And what better way to do that than help people through their financial decisions.

Serving as a Client Care Coordinator at Alterra is the perfect opportunity to accomplish exactly that. As Serah describes it, Alterra is helping her fulfill her own “personal purpose” – which is to have a positive impact on the community around her. In her spare time Serah enjoys a wide variety of music and literature and making plans to travel through Asia and explore more of her Korean heritage.

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