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Meet Grant, CEO and Partner

Grant Monson

  • CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
  • CEO | Partner


  • 425.749.3300

Grant grew up on a working wheat farm in eastern Washington. Today, he credits his family – who still manage the farm – for preparing him to build a business serving others. His vision to lead Alterra is built on relentless dedication to the success of his clients and the team – his extended family.

“As my dad always says, ‘It isn’t work when you love what you are doing.’”

Grant’s dad says that he hasn’t worked a day in his life because “it isn’t work when you love what you are doing.” When combined with his mom’s view that “helping others should be part of every day”, Grant’s view of financial planning comes into focus. Alterra Advisors is very much a reflection of Monson family values.

Grant earned a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in economics at Washington State University. He launched his own financial advising practice over a decade ago, an entrepreneurial quest has become one of the most impactful things in Grant’s life. He loves coordinating the complex financial lives of business owners, bringing a depth of understanding that is rooted in his family’s own experience.

Grant and his wife, Andrea, have a deep heart to serve, undertaking nonprofit efforts in Africa and Southeast Asia and here at home. Grant and Andrea enjoy traveling the world with family and friends to experience other cultures. And you’ll still find him alongside his dad and brothers on the family farm at every harvest. These family roots become more important to Grant every year.

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