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Amber Walsh

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Perhaps the biggest influence on Amber’s life was a 14-year “journey of nations” leading teams of young people on short term service trips through Asia, Africa and Europe. This sojourn began when Amber herself was very young – starting right after high school. She discovered the commonality of people and it became her life mission to communicate to others the beauty of awakened lives and the value they bring to others. This all comes down to a love of service.

“I developed a passion for serving others at a very early age.”

Arriving back in Washington after her global exploration, Amber found her place at Alterra where a love of helping others and her joy of communicating are the perfect life skills needed to serve our clients. Amber enthusiastically guides our clients to the advisors, services and answers they seek on their individual financial journeys.

Returning to her roots in Washington has allowed Amber to reconnect with old friends while enjoying her healthy past-times of running, cooking plant-based recipes, exploring, doing floral design and simply enjoying quality time with her family.

Amber is not associated with Lion Street Financial, LLC.

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