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Person to Person Charity – What Is It and Why Should You Consider It?

When you think of charity, what comes to mind? Do you think of non-profits – organizations taking on major challenges and trying to make a difference? True! Many charitable contributions aim to give from your resources to fund groups who seek to meet the needs of others – and, as an incentive, you usually get a tax deduction for your contribution! But what if we simply define charity as giving to those in need? This opens a new world of philanthropy many find brings deep fulfillment and makes a difference. We call it Person-to-Person Charity.

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Estate Plan or Legacy Plan – Which Do You Have?

Every family wants to create a sound legacy for their children for the future, but too many skip the critical steps in the present to achieve those goals. And, it’s no simple matter. Business owners have a lot to think about when deciding when and how to transfer their assets to the next generation. What happens… Read More »

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Charity Donatrion

Qualified Charitable Distributions

As the owner of a traditional IRA, you are likely aware that required minimum distributions (RMDs) start once you reach age 72.

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