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Big Giving in Uncertain Times

We all fear uncertainty, but in volatile times, many Big Givers are particularly nervous. When primarily using wealth to support causes you care about, it’s natural to wonder “Are we going to be ok?” “What if we need those funds?” “Can we continue with these large gifts?” First, we should first acknowledge that these concerns are normal. Then, we can ask two key questions back.

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Person to Person Charity – What Is It and Why Should You Consider It?

When you think of charity, what comes to mind? Do you think of non-profits – organizations taking on major challenges and trying to make a difference? True! Many charitable contributions aim to give from your resources to fund groups who seek to meet the needs of others – and, as an incentive, you usually get a tax deduction for your contribution! But what if we simply define charity as giving to those in need? This opens a new world of philanthropy many find brings deep fulfillment and makes a difference. We call it Person-to-Person Charity.

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Turning Taxes Into Opportunities

Can taxes really be turned into opportunities? We discuss a few strategies!

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Estate Plan or Legacy Plan – Which Do You Have?

Every family wants to create a sound legacy for their children for the future, but too many skip the critical steps in the present to achieve those goals. And, it’s no simple matter. Business owners have a lot to think about when deciding when and how to transfer their assets to the next generation. What happens… Read More »

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Charity Donatrion

Qualified Charitable Distributions

As the owner of a traditional IRA, you are likely aware that required minimum distributions (RMDs) start once you reach age 72.

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